Working with the Disabled

Disabled (we like to say 'differently abled)

Many disabled people are not seen in the community and live as 'shut-ins'.  The level of care is very low.  Kids Ark assists with food and hygiene needs, provides a social outlet for the disabled and trains caregivers.

With the aid of the Dili rehab centre ASSERT, the disabled in our district have received wheelchairs, calipers and rehab.

Community Centre for the Disabled

The centre is situated on the main road of Hera and is open during the week for varied programs for the disabled and their carers. The local team are assisted by visiting specialists within the disability sector

Training care givers

Kids Ark currently trains and oversees a group of Timorese from the local district. These volunteers help and support the families of the disabled to achieve the following:
  • a higher standard of hygiene, nutrition and improved health
  • solutions to other disability needs
  • aid the disabled to lead enhanced physical and emotional lives
  • education of the community by encouraging people to talk about disability issues and breakdown prejudices.

Our goals

The goals for our current work with the disabled and  future community programs are to:
  • Encourage and educate the community to understand, respect and support disabled people
  • Give disabled people access to health services and uphold a level of basic health care
  • Recognise the importance of family and care givers to provide adequate support for disabled people
  • Ensure disabled people’s rights are understood and promoted
  • Integrate people with disabilities into the education system
  • Promote community involvement in the lives of the disabled
  • Promote the involvement of the disabled in community events
  • Whenever possible empowering disabled people to move from interdependence to independence; living lives that contribute to their communities.